Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer

Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer
Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer
Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer
Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer
Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer
Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer

Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer is a genuinely beautiful tank, which is available in four various colors, all of which are absolutely stunning. You can purchase it in red, black, white, and stainless steel, or purchase various colors to mix and match between.

Similar in appearance to the Subtank Mini, the TopTank Mini is extremely well-designed and sure to look marvelous on any battery or MOD you have.

The Kanger TopTank Mini is made of extremely high-quality 304-grade stainless steel. This unique metal alloy blend also contains chromium as well as nickel, which act to protect against rust and corrosion, making for a long-lasting, solid, and durable device. The top of the TopTank Mini Clearomizer is furnished with Kanger’s remarkable wide-bore drip tip, which help increase the vapor production.

The e-juice tank component of the Kangertech TopTank Mini is constructed with high-grade Pyrex glass. Although often unnoticed, the use of glass rather than plastic as the e-liquid reservoir material is an important distinction. All e-liquids contain some level of acidity within it. Some flavors, such as citrus ejuices, contain higher levels, while others contain less. Irrespective of the amount of acidity, plastic tanks are susceptible to erosion through time, while Pyrex glass tanks are completely resistant to such deterioration. This results in a longer lasting tank, as well as cleaner, purer, and truer taste from your e-juices.

The TopTank Mini is equipped with Kanger’s highly-coveted airflow control valve. This magnificent component allows you to precisely adjust and control the amount of air the tank takes in while in use. You can lessen the air intake for tighter hits, or increase it for airier ones. Although the TopTank Mini’s airflow control valve allows you to customize your vaping experience, it does more than that as well. The ability to regulate the air intake also helps eliminate the possibility of flooding and gurgling when switching between e-juices of varying VG consistencies.

SPESIFIKASI Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer

  • 510 threading connection;
  • Filling on the top;
  • Glass tank;
  • Adjustable airflow control;
  • 22mm overall diameter;
  • Material: Stainless steel and glass
  • Capacity: 4ml;
  • Resistance: 0.5 ohm;
  • Support RBA mini plus;
  • Diameter: 22mm

ISI 1 KEMASAN Authenthic Kangertech Top Tank Mini Grosir Ecer

1*Clearomizer, 2*Coil Heads, 1*Philips Screwdriver, 4*Screws, 1*Cotton, 1*Coil

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