Coil Master 521 Tab Alat wajib coilbuilder

Coil Master 521 Tab Alat wajib coilbuilder
Coil Master 521 Tab Alat wajib coilbuilder

Coil Master 521 Tab Alat wajib coilbuilder is built from high-quality ABS plastic, a material that is known for its strength and durability. This incredible device is equipped with an easy to read crystal clear OLED screen that displays a plethora of important information needed for accurate coil builds.

The Coil Master 521 Tab is truly the coil builder’s best friend; it offers a user-friendly operating interface that is easy to navigate and full of essential build information. This device features five unique capabilities that makes it the perfect all-in-one coil building device: Ohm Meter, Voltage Meter, Coil Building Deck, Testing Station and it is also a fully functional testing device so that builds can be tested while it is still attached to the 521 Tab.

Spesifikasi Coil Master 521 Tab

Ohm Meter & Voltage Meter:

The Coil Master 521 Tab features an outstanding ohm meter that can detect resistances built as low as 0.01 ohms or up to 9.99 ohms. The Voltage Meter feature of the Coil Master 521 Tab accurately measures and reads voltage outputs of batteries from 0.3 volts to as high as 9.99 volts.

Coil Build Deck:

The Coil Master 521 Tab is equipped with a remarkable coil building platform that securely holds atomizers in place for foolproof coil builds.

Testing Station:

Coil Master knows the importance of testing and so has furnished the 521 Tab with the ability to test fire coils. This makes coil builds even more hassle free as necessary adjustments can be made before the atomizer is attached to a device.

Fully Functional Testing Device:

A truly multipurpose coil building device, the Coil Master 521 Tab can also be used to fully test a completed build. After completion of a coil build, a user can pop their cap / drip tip attachment to the 521 Tab and take a pull as if using their separate vaping device.


Wajib dan penting seorang coilbuilder memiliki alat yang bagus untuk coiling, untuk itu kami sebagai penjual Tools vaporizer wajib memberikan pelayanan terbaik untuk memberikan kepuasaan pada sat membeli peralatan vapor menjual berbagai macam alat dan tools rokok elektrik terlengkap memberikan harga istimewa untuk kamu vapers sejati . Coil Master 521 Tab Alat wajib coilbuilder bisa kamu dapatkan di TOKOPEDIA dan BUKALAPAK

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