Cosmonaut RDA District F5VE New Edition Clone maantaaap djiwaa

Cosmonaut RDA District F5VE New Edition Clone maantaaap djiwaa CSMNT Cosmonaut Style RDA is constructed from stainless
steel and in 24mm diameter. The CSMNT style RDA is with
wide bore drip tip and dual coil set up deck.


Build the most unique coils and chuck the largest clouds
you’ve ever blown with the Cosmonaut RDA by District F5VE.
This amazingly crafted RDA employs the use of a post less
design to accommodate enormous diameters and even the
densest cotton. Every inch of the Cosmonaut RDA is plated in
24 Karat Gold from the deck to the screw. This spacious deck
provides a depth of flavor you wouldn’t be able to replicate in
many rebuildable decks. An amazing crafted sleeve fits snugly
over the deck to prevent excessive re drips and allows the
vaper to enjoy an excess of vape juice capacity. This 24mm
RDA sits flush on most vape MODs and offers two incredible
color options: brilliant stainless steel or finely coated matte
black. 4mm lead inserts allow for the safest installation of
coils in tandem with the capacity to support any coil type. Be
sure to buy your CSMNT | Cosmonaut RDA by District F5VE

1 x RDA, 1 x Pack of accessories

510 threading connection;
Stainless steel construction;
Wide bore drip tip;
Airflow from the side;
Dual coil set up;
Diameter: 24mm

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