Moradin rta otentik murah meriah lengkap banget

Moradin rta otentik murah meriah lengkap banget

Moradin rta otentik murah meriah lengkap banget

Moradin rta otentik murah meriah lengkap banget,The Moradin RTA by iCloudCig features up to 5mL juice capacity, pure ceramic chamber design, compact vertical two-post build deck, convenient top-fill method, unique juice flow control system, and bottom-airflow form factor.


Mounting coils is no problem, since the deck is ample size with Velocity-style posts, and especially because the ceramic deck and chamber cap minimize the chances of shorting out. I used the coils that were included, which seemed to be 26 gauge wire with 2mm inner diameter coils and 0.36 ohms resistance), but larger twisted or Clapton coils could be accommodated. Almost any coil will work — higher or lower gauge, single- or multi-wire, spaced or compressed.

Wicking, however is different than on many RTAs. Since the deck is integrated into the base, the e-liquid wicking channels, although ample in size, are covered by the base. As a result, the tails have to be “stuffed” into their respective e-liquid channels. I had some trouble with that at first.

The rayon wicks I tried initially had short, reduced tails, as is common practice for most RTAs. In this case, however, less wick is not better. After vaping one tank, I suffered massive leaking through the air flow slots during and after refilling. Why? I’m not sure, but that’s what happened. I learned my lesson quickly, though, and re-wicked the coils with more substantial cotton, this time keeping longer tails that fully filled their e-liquid channels, all the way to the bottom of the e-liquid intake. That worked beautifully.


  • Removable wide bore drip tip
  • Glass tank
  • 3ml juice capacity
  • Adjustable airflow control, 2 air slits on the AFC ring
  • Ceramic chamber
  • 510 threading connection
  • Adjustable copper center screw
  • 22mm overall diameter



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